Because of the COVID-19 outbreak and lius new regulations concerning campus, we at LiThe kod have also decided to practice social distancing. This means that all of our events will be cancelled or changed. Coding Cup 2020 and our weekly meetups will not be cancelled, but will instead be held online. More information about Coding Cup 2020 can be found under the Competitions tab. Meetups will for the foreseeable future be held in our new discord server at the same time as our regular meetups would. Keep safe and wash your hands!


Fall meeting

The Fall meeting will be held in P18, C-huset, Tuesday 12th of November at 5pm


Fall meeting HT19

The 12th of November LiTHe kod will host its yearly fall meeting. All members can attend and vote at the meeting.



We will have a table at KALAS 2019 in house Terra. As an old or new student you are welcome to either hang with us, learn more about our organization, or try taking on one of the challanges we have created. Hope we'll see you there!



We will have an intronight Tuesday the 17th September 17:00 at café Java to start of the new school year. Here you will have the opportunity to meet new friendss and see what LiTHe kod does. We will also treat you to some food, you don't want to miss this!



During Nolle-P you, as D- or Y-Nollan, will have the chance to meet us! We will, among other things, have a station at Fångarna på STYFEN and a lecture for D-Nollan. We hope to meet you there!


New homepage!

During the summer, we at LiTHe kod have created a new homepage. There is now support for light/dark theme and a toggle for switching between English and Swedish. We have also added to, and updated, the information from last year to make it more accessible.