Get ready for our upcoming event, Syltprovning! The 20th April at 5:15 PM we will for the first time ever arrange a Syltprovning! This event is aimed at you who are curious about game jams, but are unsure where to begin. It is also an opportunity for experienced jammers to share their experiences and be nostalgic about jams that have been.

The event will be composed of a short presentation where we present what a jam is, how our jams work, and some anecdotes from old jammers. This will be followed by some play testing of old game jam games while chilling and talking about game jams, games, and all sorts of things.

The event will be held remotely in LiU Game Jam's Discord server.

Spring Game Jam 2021

It is soon time for this year's edition of Spring Game Jam! It is time the 7th-9th May to take out the keyboards, drawing tablets and microphones for a weekend filled with game creation. Because of persistent sickness throughout the world, this jam will be held remotely via LiU Game Jam's Discord server. Also take a look at our Facebook event and join our

What is a game jam?

A game jam is an event where programmers, artists and gamers come together to create games; both computer games and board games. At our game jam there is a 48 hours time limit and a randomized theme for inspiration. Visit our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter for upcoming events!

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Liu Game Jam's archive

If you want to see what others have created, check out the games from our archive collection. You can also check out our old newsletters.

Who are welcome?

Everybody is welcome, student and non-student alike. No previous experience is needed and the event is free of charge.

Where are your events held?

Due to COVID-19 events might be held remotely via LiU Game Jam's Discord server, see the specific event you are interested in for more information.

Our events are held at CreActive in Linköping. There is wireless internet, free tea, hot chocolate and coffee.


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